Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Healing Ministries International is a South African organisation based in Gauteng and was founded in 1990 by me, Deon and my wife Charmaine.

I grew up in the streets of Johannesburg in a very rough neighborhood called Hillbrow. Being involved with gangs, drinking alcohol, smoking and fighting I never had any interest in the church or God. My parents never went to church and therefore I had no religious background or Christian knowledge at all. Before my salvation I was diagnosed with an incurable skin disease. There were no doctors that could help me. When I became ill with the skin disease I was drinking very heavily and did not know anything about the healing power of Jesus. I was invited to go to a church meeting where they prayed for the sick. A man by the name of Pieter Pretorius was preaching that day and being desperate for healing, I decided to go. An invitation for salvation was given and I gave my life to Jesus and afterwards I was prayed for to receive healing. The power of God came on me and I was healed from the sickness. I was also instantly set free from smoking and drinking. Jesus became so real to me that I started preaching three days after I was saved. The Lord immediately started using myself in ministering in healing, signs and wonders.

The vision of Healing Ministries International is to evangelize every home and rural area and to reach out to all the homeless and destitute people.Our strategy is to hold Evangelistic meetings Monday to Friday; to see all churches work together in unity fulfilling the great commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to go door-to-door, handing tracts & Bibles and sharing Christ, reaching out to street children, hobo's, alcoholic's, prostitutes and drug addicts - praying with them and leading them to Christ; distribute food and clothing during the Mercy Outreaches.

During the past 20 years we have had about 300 evangelistic meetings annualy locally and internationally and many Mercy Outreaches. We were able to accomplish this through the partnership of many friends who supported us through prayer and finances for which we are eternally thankful and grateful to the Lord. Our aim and vision for this year is to have more Mercy Outreaches, reaching out specifically to the poor and needy.

For us to achieve this goal we are solely dependent on the support we receive from our loyal friends and partners. I am writing to you to invite you to become a partner in the Lord in the great vision we have for the future. Partnership is completely voluntary and may take one of two forms. Firstly we are desperately in need of prayer partners to pray us through and to ask God to give us the victory and to frustrate the work of the devil as we seek to extend His Kingdom. We believe that the coming of the Lord is very near and we are desperately seeking to win the lost for Jesus. Without prayer it is impossible for us to gain the victory. We will greatly appreciate welcoming you as a prayer partner and await you informing us that you are joining with us in the fight.

For God's work to flourish we also need financial support. A monthly contribution of R50-00 via Debit or Stop Order will be appreciated. We are asking for your help in this very important work of God. By contributing toward our ministry you will automatically be placed on our mailing list for our (monthly/ quarterly) newsletter which will inform you of our progress. We will also be praying for you to receive a great harvest on what you have sown monthly and that God will meet your needs in all areas of life.

We trust that we will have the privilege of welcoming you as a partner in this great work of the Lord.

Thanking you in anticipation.

May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord's face radiate with joy because of you, may He be gracious to you, show you His favour and give you His peace.

Yours in His service,

Deon & Charmaine Hockey

The Healing Ministries Trust

Standard Bank

Randburg (018005)

Current Account Number: 221015566